Corporate Volunteering

The NENCOL Corporate Responsibility strategy is based on a responsible competitiveness model that seeks to generate a three-way benefit, taking into account people, the environment and the business. The NENCOL operations respect the environment by providing clean energy and contributing to Colombian society and the economy of the country, offering in a sustained manner the cheapest prices in the local electricity market.  In turn, NENCOL delivers returns generated in a responsible manner to its shareholders.

The company has defined an inclusive social investment strategy with geographic priority in the populations where its power plants are located, generally rural areas with limited access to basic public services. NENCOL's corporate investment mainly supports sustainable education initiatives in the areas of Energy, Safety and Environment, which in turn contribute to building capacities, increasing opportunities and ensuring jobs for the population through training, technology transfer, entrepreneurship and micro-businesses.

Our contributions to the communities we serve are focused on supporting children, education and health. We support projects designed to improve the quality of education in public schools and encourage students to stay in school.

Given the nature of our business, NENCOL is deeply committed to protecting the environment, which is why at NENCOL we uphold the three Rs (reduce, reuse and recycle) in all our operations.

We know that our actions alone cannot solve all the problems of today, but we are convinced that if each one of us does his part, we can ensure a better future for the generations to come.