Our Power Plants


The NODO ENERGETICO DEL NORTE DE COLOMBIA (NENCOL) project comprises 5 projects as follows:

-Nencol 5. 2,240 MW. In advanced development

-Termonorte. 93 MW. Already in operation since November 2018.

 -Termocosta 94 MW. With approved environmental permits

 -Termogaira 94 MW. With approved environmental permits

 -Termobonda 94 MW. With approved environmental permits

 1.1. Location: Located on the edge of the Caribbean Highway  7.5 kilometers from the city of Santa Marta, on the premises of the Induenergy Industrial Park, in the rural village of Bonda, 500 meters north of the Nenguanje de Santa Marta, Magdalena tollbooth.

 1.2. Commercial Aspects: NENCOL is structured to become a basic resource in the primary market of the Colombian energy sector, offering reactive energy to the renewable projects, participating in the Firm Energy Auctions and providing  energy and power to private (Power Marketers. and public users. (Public Utilities) 

Nencol also intends to be the backup energy resource for frequency modulation and reactive energy to the more than 2,000 renewable MW allocated in the northern region of Colombia.

Nencol also intends to participate in the auctions of firm energy obligations, as well as to be part of the secondary market selling energy and power to generators that require energy and backup power such as: PRIME ENERGIA, GECELCA, ISAGEN, TEBSA, , TERMO CANDELARIA, PROELECTRICA, EMGESA, Y EPM and others.

NENCOL also intends to be the backbone for a possible private energy auction market in Colombia.

1.3. Generation Equipment: Refers to dual fuel turbine power generation units, with natural gas and ACPM generation systems, including their emission control equipment, transformers, and their connection to the national interconnected system.

1.4. Complementary Equipment and Facilities for Dual Fuel Generation (BOP): For natural gas, it refers to the natural gas supply station built by Gases del Caribe at the facilities of the Induenergy Industrials Park, connected to the Promigas gas pipeline.

1.5 For light diesel fuel, it refers to light diesel storage tanks, internal fuel supply system to generation units, water treatment and storage system for industrial use, buildings, internal roads, environmental treatment systems such as API and water treatment plants, etc. Its description will include both the assembly and operation stages.


2.1.1. Project localization.

The NENCOL project will be in the Induenergy Industrial Park, on the edge of the Caribbean Highway  7.5 kilometers from the city of Santa Marta, on the Santa Marta-Riohacha highway, 500 meters from the Neguanje tollbooth.

The Induenergy Industrial Park comprises a 51-hectare site, and the designated area for Termobonda, Termogaira and Termocosta is 1.5 hectares for each project.

 Termo Induenergy-NENCOL 5 has an area of ​​12.0 hectares.

Each project includes gas turbine generating units, interconnection towers, natural gas intakes, daily diesel storage tanks 2, maintenance workshop, control rooms and perimeter green areas.

2.1.2. Service Infrastructure

The NENCOL project will be located in an area with easy land access, and benefited by the proximity of the Caribbean trunk (Ruta del Sol), which allows the transfer of heavy equipment and volume from the port of the city, in this case Sociedad Portuaria de Santa Marta and Sociedad Portuaria de las Americas to the project site. This information is important to keep in mind in view of the fact that the obtaining and transfer of the equipment comes from within.

Some of the supplies of basic services are own, for example drinking water and electricity. There will also be a direct telecommunication link, Internet, Surveillance, and there is a sewage treatment plant.

The area will be monitored directly, with personnel from a private security company, as well as restricted areas of circulation that are fully identified and signposted. The perimeters will be protected by electrified fences and controlled by video cameras and access sensors that make continuous reports to the surveillance center and the control room.

2.1.3. Support Facilities

A train-crane will be available, which will be used to remove the main equipment from the containers and leave them at the installation site, safely and securely.

There will be a workshop, which has lathes-milling machines, welding equipment, cutters, and electrical, mechanical, and minor tools. This workshop is useful for the maintenance and installation work of the project.

Also, open patios will be available around the plants, where equipment can be stored while civil works and mechanical installations are being carried out.

2.1.4. Combustion Generation Process

The NENCOL project will work under the concept of generation by combustion of fuels using Natural Gas as the main fuel and Light Diesel to support firm energy obligations, where heat energy is transformed into mechanical energy, to later be converted into electric power. Gas connection system from the gas pipeline to the generation units.


The INTERGASCO project, which consists of the importation of Liquefied Natural Gas through the Sociedad Portuaria de las Americas and the Sociedad Portuaria de Santa Marta, installation of a fixed floating natural gas storage and regasification unit, which will be the source of imports. of international LNG supply to the NENCOL project.

Local supply.

Since there is already a natural gas supply substation, which is interconnected to the Ballenas-Cartagena-Jobo Tablon gas pipeline, operated, and owned by PROMIGAS. This company built the gas delivery station to the Induenergy Industrial Park and it will be the station that will be used for the connection from the delivery point to the NENCOL plant.

From the gas receiving points, the internal pipelines will be undertaken to each of the generation units, which will have its respective pressure regulation, measurement, and filtration system. Liquid fuel storage

Given the location of the NENCOL plant within the facilities of the Induenergy Industrial Park, the INTEROILCO project, which consists of a tank farm with a storage capacity of up to 2.0 Million Barrels, the supply would be as follows:


The fuel would be received from a fixed floating receipt and storage unit to be installed in the Sociedad Portuaria de las Americas and the Sociedad Portuaria de Santa Marta, and this would be the import source for the liquid fuel supply.

Domestic Supply

This would be by means of tank trucks from the production points in the national territory and transported by land to the thermal tanks.

For the daily supply and storage of light diesel directly to the NENCOL plant, tanks with sufficient capacity to store daily consumption will be installed, these with a floating roof with a simple pontoon and a conical bottom with the vertex down.

2.1.7. Connection to the National Interconnected System (SIN).

The Termocosta, Termobonda and Termogaira projects, each of 94 MW, will be interconnected to the SIN through the expansion of the 230 kV line between the SE Rio Cordoba and the SE Termocol. This project is already included in the National Expansion Plan.

For the NENCOL 5 project, of 2,240 MW, the energy and power is intended to be delivered to the national interconnected system through a 500 kVA line, to be tendered by the UPME that interconnects the substation that the UPME considers is the most convenient (SE Sabanalarga / El Copey) for the robustness of the regional interconnected system. This solution is already incorporated into the UPME National Interconnection Plan