Led by the energy seasoned businessman, J.M. "GEORGE" CASTELLANOS GOMEZ, MBA. ENG; the owner/sponsors of the  Nodo Energetico del Norte de Colombia S.A. ESP (NENCOL), have participated in three tenders for Firm Energy Obligations for more than 5,000 MW, and have been favored in two projects (one in each tender) for approximately 300 MW (202 MW and 93 MW) respectively.

These achievements have managed to strengthen the country's energy matrix, and now, with our NENCOL project, which includes the first regional mega energy project  in Colombia.

The NENCOL project will be installed in the Induenergy Industrial Park, and when completed will entail  2,522 MW of installed power in the city of Santa Marta.

Two additional support projects are also added to NENCOL and will be installed in the Induenergy Industrial Park, making the Northern Energy Node an energy cluster, without parallel in the region.

These projects are:

1.The INTERGASCO project, which includes the installation of a Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) storage and regasification unit in the port of Santa Marta for the importation of liquified natural gas to Colombia. See page www.intergasco.com

2. The INTEROILCO project, which contemplates the installation of a floating storage unit in the port of Santa Marta, for the import and export of hydrocarbons to Colombia. See page www.interoilco.com

These two projects, together with NENCOL, represent the a foreign investment values ​​greater than US$ 2.0 Billion which demonstrates and reaffirms our commitment to Colombia.

NENCOL with a total installed capacity of up to 2,522 MW, NENCOL contributes to the following solutions:

1.Supply Rapid Delivery Reactive Energy to renewable projects in the north of Colombia

2.Reduce the existing uncertainty in Colombia with the guarantee of generation based on fossil fuels, since the fuel supply sources are external and do not depend on the energy resource of the country, managing to guarantee the firm and guaranteed delivery of energy and power.

Our commitment to Colombia will contribute to the economic growth of Colombia, through safe, reliable and sustainable energy solutions, as well as, through the generation of jobs, support for vulnerable communities, care for the environment and the development of new projects that position Colombia as an important electric power distribution center in the northern region of South America and eventually in Central America and the Caribbean.