Ethics and Compliance


We ensure that people are aware of policies and procedures through continuous training, conducted at all levels of the organization. In our training, we provide guidance on the proper use of our Code of Conduct, local guides and procedures that we share with our teams about topics such as corruption and bribery issues, money laundering and conflicts of interest.

NENCOL is committed to all teams  and staff in general, in the areas where we operate and maintain businesses. For us, it is very important to keep our human resources up-to-date and working in sync and we strive to identify specific situations that may come about and find issues that may affect the entire organization and particularly our people, suppliers, contractors and subcontractors, thus generating confidence and corrective solutions for the various conflicts that may arise.


We guarantee that our commercial activities are carried out in a transparent way, fulfilling processes of due diligence, in which we not only investigate, but keep constant monitoring. In each business, we maintain a Compliance Officer who ensures that NENCOL in Colombia can make contracts  and negotiate with lawful and recognized companies, as well as committed to our Values and Code of Conduct.

In our financial and administrative processes, we comply  with local regulations. We guarantee that our investments and negotiations are not carried out with organizations that have terrorist, money laundering, bribery and corruption purposes and may involve any situation affecting our ethics. We include a language of compliance and provisions, in which the parties with whom we conduct our business, are involved in due diligence processes for both low and high risk contracts. In addition, we act responsibly , to verify that our businesses operate without affecting and generating adverse impacts in areas bordering our businesses, so we strive for safety, health, education and the environment.

We have transformed the way we do business, becoming a model for other organizations with which we maintain business and investment relationships. All our processes, permits and commissioning of our businesses with suppliers, contractors and subcontractors, are assessed in order to maintain a rigorous process of transparency.

Similarly, our participation in donations, sponsorships, gifts or other monetary disbursement, is put under review of our Compliance Officers, maintaining a standard of revision in the allocation of our contributions.